Europe designs a sustainable future

with cotton from Europe


EUCOTTON is an ambitious initiative for the promotion of the European Cotton production led by the European Cotton Alliance (ECA). Through this initiative, the European cotton sector represented in ECA seeks to promote the visibility of European cotton and its qualities of SUSTAINABILITY, TRACEABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY.

Under the slogan: “Europe designs a sustainable future with cotton from Europe”, EUCOTTON focuses on raising awareness among consumers and industries for the quality characteristics of European cotton, its sustainable production model and the unifying trademark applied for its traceability.

The campaign has a three-year life cycle and its activities target final consumers, opinion makers and key players in the textile and adjacent industries.

It will include several actions to underline the message that European cotton is a premium quality, not genetically modified product (non-GMO), which guarantees environmental sustainability.



To develop and strengthen the positive perception of European cotton production among target-groups


To increase the demand of European cotton among professionals, consumers and textile industries in the European Union


To raise awareness on the fact that cotton production in the European Union is a responsible and sustainable cultivation, which applies environmentally friendly practices in compliance with the European Green Deal (biodiversity strategy, forest protection policies and zero pollution)


To inform the target-groups that European cotton is a sustainable, natural material of high value, used for the production of top quality textile products


To raise awareness among key stakeholders and trade professionals on the fact that European cotton is grown from non-genetically modified (non-GMO) seeds and has a high environmental, social and economic performance

But who are the consumers who use European cotton?

75% of the cotton produced in Europe is exported to countries mainly in the Mediterranean basin (Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, etc) as well as to Southeast Asia

A large quantity of the exported cotton is then reintroduced to the European markets in the form of ready-made textile products

25% of the cotton produced in Europe is directly used by the European textile industry, covering 40% of domestic needs