The main objectives of the European Cotton Alliance are based precisely on this promotion campaign and on increasing cotton production in the EU through sustainable and environmentally friendly practices and the traceability of production.

The institution is also working to strengthen the EUCOTTON brand in order to identify and promote the product and encourage its use among professionals, consumers and textile industries in the European Union.

This is essentially an awareness-raising project aimed at educating the different sectors (carefully selected) so that they can act as disseminators of the message: to improve the sustainable aspects of cotton products bearing the EU brand.

The envisaged plan of activities will encompass:

Digital (web, social media networks, fashion school competition).

Advertising (digital and print).

Content (videos, graphics, photos…etc).

Sponsorship and fairs (textile and fashion events).

B2B (trips and meetings with the media, fashion shows).

Eucotton in Bremen

EUCOTTON is a platinum sponsor at the 36th International Bremen Cotton Conference (Bremen, Germany, 29-30/9/2022). In its 2022 edition, the Bremen Cotton Conference brings in the spotlight the European Union as Region in Focus, and adopts sustainability as a key theme of the conference works.